At the moment, I intend for A Most Excellent Life to serve two purposes:

  1. A hub for connecting you to various resources for making your pursuit of physical, mental, and emotional health just a bit easier.

    This will be through what I’ve been calling “The Digest.”

  2. A source of encouragement and inspiration.

    This will be through what I’ve been calling “Daily Nuggets.”

“The Digest” will publish every Friday morning and will include the following:

  1. A brief update on what’s going on with my life, including my training, sleep, career, thoughts, and whatever else comes to mind as I write.

    Be forewarned, I live a pretty routine life and this section may end up being a bit repetitive (although some members of my newsletter find this comforting).

  2. A curation of the week’s best articles, studies, podcasts, and videos from around the web about physical, mental, and emotional health.

    These resources will typically cover topics like nutrition, training, mindset, relationships, and anything else that might help you live your best life.

  3. A short message, question, or word of encouragement to help you put whatever you learn from my messages into practice.

    There’s no point in learning what to do if you never actually do it.

“Daily Nuggets” are shorter messages published daily.

  1. Each Daily Nugget will include a quick thought, tip, question, or word of encouragement.

  2. These are short, sweet, and intended to help you explore your own motivations, goals, and obstacles, and work through them.

I may add additional features at some point, but that’s it for now.

Also, I intend to always keep The Digest and Daily Nuggets free of charge.

If I ever implement a paid subscription, it will be for additional features.